We are honest and transparent in our dealings with you and that includes our fees. We know that you work hard for your money and we work hard to provide you with quality service at affordable/comparable industry rates. All monies that you pay are deposited into our Trust Account until the work/milestone is completed. Our Trust Account is monitored by our regulatory body, Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Please contact us for fees not listed here. See fee details below:




Special consultation 

$100 (CAD)/0.5 hr

If you just have a few Canadian
immigration-related questions or just
need to clarify some information (or
misinformation), you can schedule a 30
minutes consultation with our principal
consultant. Please note that no
assessment is required and no
documents will be reviewed.

Initial Consultation

$150 (CAD)/hr

Booking a consultation is usually the
second step after submitting an
During the consultation, your
assessment and eligibility results is
usually reviewed with you, your options
and next steps including financial
implications of your process are often
provided to you.
We provide you with a summary of the
consultation session and you can decide
if you want to process your application
on your own or if you want to sign a
retainer agreement with us to do it for

Refusal Review

$200 (CAD)/hr

We will review your application refusal
with you and provide you with possible
solutions and options available to you.

ATIP Request

$50 (CAD)

We can make an ATIP (Access to
Information Act or the Privacy Act) request on your behalf. We strongly
suggest that people with refused
applications request for ATIP before

ATIP Request + Refusal Review

$200 (CAD)/hr

If you have completed your application
process on your own and require a set
of professional eyes to review it before
you submit. We can help with that

Express Entry Profile Review

$170 (CAD)

If you have completed your Express
Entry profile on your own, we can
review it with you before submission.

*All fees are in Canadian dollars, prices do not include tax